Webinar – Leveraging Technology to Achieve Accountability in Law Enforcement

About The Topic

As law enforcement leaders navigate today’s increasing list of demands, it is critical to have procedures in place to minimize agency risk and ensure accountability. This webinar will give today’s law enforcement leaders practical solutions to ensure their policies and procedures stand up to public and legal scrutiny.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • Current policy and training challenges law enforcement leaders are facing
  • How to leverage technology in your agency to meet the increasing demands for accountability and minimize agency risk
  • Reliable and cost-effective solutions to ensure easy access to operational policies and procedures

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 About The Presenter

Bill McAuliffe

Director of Professional Services for Lexipol

Bill McAuliffe is the Director of Professional Services for Lexipol and a 25-year veteran of law enforcement and corrections. He served six years as a lieutenant in positions including Patrol Division Commander, Jail Commander, and the Office of Professional Standards. While working for the Santa Cruz County Sheriff’s Office in California he was a member of the Sheriff’s SWAT Entry team and the K9 Unit before relocating to Sandpoint, Idaho. Bill is an original member of the Lexipol Professional Services Team and continues to play a critical role in improving the services Lexipol provides and nurturing relationships with Lexipol partners.

Bill McAuliffe Headshot
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