Calgary Police Service – Data Integration

Integrate with NicheRMS

One of the most widely-used Records Management Systems (RMS) in law enforcement agencies around the world

Integrate with PeopleSoft

Accurately calculate pay premiums, run complex pay rules, & load pay details directly into PeopleSoft

Integrate with Much More

Integrate with any number of COTS software, such as Microsoft Active Directory, & proprietary applications
By connecting key enterprise-level applications, as the Calgary Police Service has done, agencies can create a single, powerful repository of trustworthy data for the service’s operations.

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  • The problems caused by lack of data integration
  • The benefits of driving your agency’s service-wide systems and operations using a personnel Scheduling and Timekeeping software
  • How the Calgary Police Service has integrated several key enterprise-level applications with InTime, with practical applications in common scenarios and proven improvements:
    • Reduce Standby Pay by 50%
    • Re-Organize 600 Employees in 10 Minutes
    • Automate User Role & Permission Management without IT
    • More Accurate Pay by Automating 200-300 Payouts per Week
    • Enforce Complex Union Rules
  • Future possibilities for public safety agencies leveraging data integration, from real-time policing to predictive deployment strategies.

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A great win for the service

Our integration with the RMS has been a huge success. Very quickly the service is realizing the value of centralized employee details directly off the work schedule. Roles are constantly changing without IT being involved in managing permissions. A great win for the service.

People Like Accurate Pay

People like accurate pay, and the source for accurate pay is precisely the type of information that InTime provides. Integrating with a Scheduling and Timekeeping software such as InTime, public safety agencies can account for all employee time – scheduled and actual – with one integrated system. Payroll is a lot easier to manage, more accurately, in less time.

Solving our problems isn’t always about having more cops. It’s about raising standards and advancing to the next level.

Bob Cherry

President of Baltimore’s Fraternal Order of Police, Detective with the Baltimore Police Department.

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