Smart Reports and Dashboards

Insights to run your agency better.

Get detailed insights into your organization’s performance with InTime’s reports and dashboards built for public safety agencies.

Visualize your agency trends.

Get a centralized overview of your agency’s scheduling trends. Get insight into scheduled vs. worked hours, overtime hours, overtime reasons, the status of overtime postings, correlations between leave and overtime hours, fatigue warnings, and much more. Robust dashboards allow your senior command to quickly identify where your public safety organization can improve performance and optimize spend.

With InTime Dashboards, your public safety agency can:

Sample of InTime dashboards
Sample of InTime reports and filters

View 100+ reports with just one click.

Run configurable reports from high level summaries, right down to the very last detail. Access a variety of metrics including approval history, training levels, activity details, fatigue compliance, leave hours, time bank balances and more. 

With InTime Reports, your public safety agency can:

Calgary Police Service

InTime is a single source of schedule and employee data integrated service-wide to support decision-making and efficiencies in resourcing and processes.

Nathan Douglas

Supervisor of Systems Development, Calgary Police Department

Individual reports for your whole team.

Accessible information ensures accountability. Employees can run their own reports to view their time bank balances, overtime sign up statuses, leave submissions, approvals and rejections.

With InTime Web and Mobile, your public safety agency can:

InTime Sample Time Report

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