Why Good Customer Service Matters in a Software Provider

Purchasing a new software system, or switching to a new system, is a significant decision for any organization. First, upper-management needs to recognize the need for the product, and then all of upper-management needs to approve the provider choice. This process could have taken months or even years. When you choose a new software provider, you want to make sure that the product matches your needs. But, have you ever thought further than that? After the contract is signed, will the service provider you choose be with you through implementation and beyond? The answer should be a resounding YES. And, we will now outline why customer service in a software provider greatly matters and the questions you should be asking your potential providers about their customer service.

Why It Matters

Easy Implementation and Smooth Transition

After finding the right software provider, the next challenge ahead of you is the implementation of the product. An excellent company will be there for you through this process. They should provide a plan of how long training will take, who will be trained, and how those employees will be taught to train their fellow coworkers. This isn’t a process that should be rushed. You need people within your organization to understand the ins and outs of the program so they can use it to its full capabilities and teach others. With a strong internal knowledge of the product, the chances of the workforce adopting the system quickly increase. 

Software providers should offer one-on-one sessions, whether that is in person or via video conferencing.

Be wary of providers that only offer “how-to” guides rather than training from a person.

Need Answers Quickly

Your organization relies on the software to run smoothly for proper operations. Imagine if a problem occurs with payroll or loading up a work schedule. You’ll need answers, and you’ll need them quickly. A great software provider will have a customer support team you can reach throughout the day and emergency support 24/7 for critical issues.

A Support System

A great customer service team is accessible to its clients. But, an outstanding team will do so much more than just be there to answer calls. Ideally, you want a customer service team that provides access to manuals, guides, videos, and more. This way, your employees have resources to turn to whenever they need to.

Questions to Ask Software Provider Candidates

  • What does your implementation process look like? Is there a plan? How long will it take? Will you train us in one-on-one sessions?
  • What does the customer support look like? Can I call in or is it email only?
  • What are the hours for customer support? What is the turnaround time I can expect from the team?
  • What happens if there is a critical problem during non-support hours?
  • Are there additional resources, such as videos and training manuals, for employees that want additional support?

InTime’s Customer Support

InTime’s Customer Support team is a core benefit of our product. Our team is locally sourced, so you can be sure you will find help during regular working hours. Additionally, critical support is available 24/7 for emergencies. You can rest assured that your problems will be solved quickly from one of our dedicated, knowledgeable customer support specialists.


We have an implementation team of former public safety experts. We hire retired police officers and public safety agents who used our product when they were in the field. So, they not only understand our product, but they also understand your needs from the product.

We host an annual user conference allowing our customers to get together, learn from us in person, understand how other agencies are using InTime, and learn about new updates that are being released.

Lastly, InTime has an entire Success Hub that has manuals, how-to guides, and videos for our customers to better learn and understand our product.

Want to learn about InTime’s customer support? Find out more here.

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