Data-driven wellness for Police Officers and Police Departments.

Support police officer wellness and mental health through scheduling data insights and a wellness resource library. 

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Support your staffs wellbeing

Support Your Staff's Wellbeing

Protect the people at the heart of your police department. 

Provide staff with 24/7 access to wellness resources specific to police officers and your department’s needs. 


Proactive Fatigue Management

Health staff means healthy communities. 

Scheduling alerts protects police officer from fatigue and agencies from scheduling liabilities. 

View dashboards and data that give insights on for each squad, time range or the entire department. 

Strengthen retention and recruitment

Strengthen Retention and Recruitment

Improve your police department culture with important insights that drive effective wellness policies and initiatives. 

Quickly accessible reports to help determine and prove the appropriate staffing levels and budget levels. 


Proactive police officer fatigue management.

Police officer wellness is complex and hard to solve without proper data and insight.

InTime Wellness is the #1 solution to address police officer wellness from a data-driven approach. Wellness Monitoring Dashboards are powered by comprehensive scheduling data, allowing you to identify problem areas related to officer fatigue and police training level qualifications.

 The InTime Wellness Resource Library provides 24/7, anonymous access to critical mental health resources, accessible via web or smartphone.

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Prevent police officer fatigue with data-driven monitoring.

Get a comprehensive view of all hours worked, including daily scheduling, extra duty, overtime, leave, court and training shifts. This visibility enables your police department to identify where scheduling thresholds are being exceeded across the department, down to the very unit. InTime’s dashboards give you a view into the future, enabling corrective action before problems arise.

With police officer wellness monitoring, agencies can:

Fatigue Monitoring
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Implementing InTime Wellness will help identify potential situations where unnecessary burdens are placed on employees through scheduling, and will help mitigate some of the stress related to the hours and days they are working.

Jonathan Koch

Lieutenant and Regional Peer Support Coordinator, FRST Midwest, Johnson County Sheriff’s Office

Smart alerts that protect your police officers and supervisors.

Scheduling alerts warn departments when an officer’s shift exceeds allowable hours thresholds.

Supported by InTime scheduling, set fatigue thresholds to ensure no one on your team exceeds the maximum number of hours set by the agency or the union.

Guarantee proper qualifications with training level alerts.

Smart scheduling alerts warn supervisors if an officer is not qualified to work certain shifts.

With smart alerts, agencies can:

Police Officer Wellness resources configured for your agency, whenever you need them.

Every department needs wellness tools and resources. Departments can populate InTime’s Wellness Library with valuable resources that are specific to your police department. Access is anonymous, ensuring every officer feels comfortable seeking the support they need.

With the InTime Wellness Library, agencies can:

Protect your police officers.

Support your department’s health through an easily adaptable wellness library.

Reduce the stigma regarding police officer mental health.

Provide police with an anonymous place to get the resources they need, when they need them.

Communication Made simple with InTime

Wherever officers are, help and support will be there.

Police wellness resources are accessible by web and smartphone, so officers can access them whether they’re on shift or at home.

Provide your police officers with the wellness resources they need.

Configure your wellness library with resources based on the needs of your staff.

Improve police performance.

Reduce agency
risk and liability.

Use wellness insights to proactively reduce fatigue liabilities in the field and optimize your department’s scheduling.

Protect your department by preventing risks and liabilities.

Automated alerts protect shift schedulers from putting your department and your community at risk of fatigue and training violations.

Set a new industry standard by putting proactive wellness initiatives in place.

Support your officers’ mental health by providing them with anonymous and safe resources.

Optimize your officer scheduling.

Get a bird’s-eye-view into potential wellness issues in your department, and identify where schedules can be modified to improve overall wellness.

Healthy police officers means healthy communities.

Healthy officers mean healthy communities

You can do it all. Invest in your department while also investing in the safety of your community.

Continue to build trust within your community.

Reducing the likelihood of fatigue scenarios will support positive day-to-day encounters with the community you serve.

Leverage scheduling data to prevent officer stress and fatigue.

Data insights enable you to best allocate resources while providing support for funding requests.

Invest in your police officers.

Put the wellbeing of your police first by investing in wellness resources that are accessible and anonymous.

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