Intelligent scheduling

Public safety scheduling has never been easier.

InTime’s scheduling solution has built-in intelligence to help your public safety agency schedule smarter. With InTime, schedulers can plan, schedule, deploy and respond to changes within minutes. 

One interface to view every schedule.​

Say goodbye to flipping through multiple sheets of paper. With InTime, you can easily make changes and view every schedule in one place. Move officers between teams and locations, extend shifts and approve time off all from one screen. InTime’s automated scheduling communicates all changes to employees in real time, reducing any chance of error to ensure up-to-date communication with all teams.

With our scheduling intelligence, your department can:

Public safety scheduling example - Designed to be visual and easy to use
Tigard Police Department

With InTime, making schedule changes is so much simpler that we’ve reduced our time spent scheduling by 90%. Operational oversight has improved dramatically, I’m able to always know if I have minimum staffing.​

David Frisendahl

Lieutenant, Tigard Police Department

Minimum staffing - public safety scheduling view

Get minimum staffing alerts, months in advance.​

InTime’s intelligent scheduling coverage levels send automated alerts for minimum staffing issues months into the future. Automated alerts allow schedulers to proactively manage teams and deal with staffing issues before they become urgent. InTime’s coverage displays can be configured to factor staffing headcount by time of day, employee skill, attribute, or training level. Once set up, InTime will proactively alert supervisors of any coverage issues before making any personnel decisions.

With InTime’s coverage levels, your department can:

Azusa Police Department

With InTime’s minimum deployments that we’ve set, I can look at the entire department a month out and see where I’m low and where I need to post overtime. This has reduced our time spent scheduling by 85% and reduced overtime costs by 50%.


Captain, Azusa PD

Smart scheduling to ensure compliance.​

InTime’s scheduling intelligence warns schedulers of scheduling issues before they happen. InTime is configurable to your agency rules and automatically runs a system of checks and balances during day-to-day scheduling to ensure compliance. Scheduling intelligence warns schedulers of double-bookings, coverage issues, fatigue issues, training non-compliance, missing skills, overtime issues and more.

With InTime’s smart alerts, your department can:

Example of public safety scheduling with compliance alerts
University of Kentucky Police Department

One of our biggest improvements is significant reduction of agency turnover, officers were not getting burned from fatigue. It helped us manage our officer fatigue issue, and most importantly, it enabled us to boost and improve our employee morale.


Chief, UKPD

Scheduling templates

Build your agency's schedule in a snap.

With InTime, you can easily add new rotating schedules or edit existing ones across your entire department. Verify the best unit coverage scenarios by testing new shift rotations and schedule options before you post them live.

InTime’s scheduling templates allow your department to:

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